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Works in Progress:

1)   Equality of opportunity in a random dictator game: an artefactual field experiment, with S. Gil-Gallen, A. Morone and P. Morone.

2)   Belief-based vs. opportunity-based kindness in a reciprocal dictator game, with P. Brañas Garza, G. Grolleau and A. Sutan 

3)   An Experiment on Resource and Welfare Division through a Modified Trust Game, with S. Ambec and A. Reynaud.

4)   Experienced vs. Described Uncertainty with Expert vs. Inexpert Decision-Makers, with J. Cervera, P. Hernandez, E. Manzoni and J. Vila.

5)  Climate Change and Risk Perception: Low Probability and Time Discounting, with K. Boun-My, M. Chessa, T. Jaber-Lopez and A. Stenger.

6)   When is the Strategy Method Appropriate? The Role of Emotions, with P. Battigalli and E. Manzoni.

7)   Instantaneous Social Capital in Cultural Events: A Case Study of the Impact of Religion, Food and Music, with P. Llerena.

8)  How Does Culture Foster Creativity and Economic Development?, with P. Llerena and G. Urso.

9)  Judgment Errors and Decision Making under Ambiguity in Humans vs. Primates: An Evolutionary Approach, with M.-H. Broihanne, V. Dufour

and A. Montesano.


10)  A Field Experiment on Trust and Trustworthiness between local and migrants in the South of Italy, with N. Coniglio, G. De Arcangelis and H. Jayet.

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