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1st CoCoLab Workshop 
in Economics and Psychology
February 14-16, 2019
Université Côte d'Azur (UCA)
MSHS Sud, Ground Floor, Salle Plate
25 Avenue François Mitterrand, 06300 Nice
Scientific Organization:
Giuseppe Attanasi (GREDEG, UCA)
Michela Chessa (GREDEG, UCA)
Adriana Pinate (GREDEG, UCA)
Research Axes of the MSHS:
Axe 1 (CoCoSci)
Axe 2 (TIC, communautés et usages)
Administrative Organization:
Catherine Chevance (GREDEG, UCA)
Laurence Gervasoni (GREDEG, UCA)
Ludivine Grossi (GREDEG, UCA)
Agnès Moreau (GREDEG, UCA)
Website Managing:
Marta Ballatore (ISEM, UCA)
Poster of the Event here
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